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Note to Contractors for 2012: Bid Carefully

Dear Government Contractor, I know that I haven’t been sunshine and roses lately with my blog posts, but I am writing you this letter to let you know I am sorry.  Instead, I want to give you a bit of … Continue reading

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Another Depressing Post About the GC Landscape – Small Businesses

I am not telling you anything new when I say that competition has always been tough when it comes to winning government contracts, but the competition will be even tougher in 2012!  Let’s take a look at what the new … Continue reading

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Do YOU “Make too Much” as a Government Contractor?

Congress is poised to reduce how much the government pays defense contractors as reimbursement for the salaries they give their employees.  The government has a cap on how much it will pay for salaries of each defense contractor’s top five … Continue reading

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It is a Good Time to be a Green Contractor

Energy, the lack of energy, and the ways to produce it and maintain it for the future has really taken on an increasing role in the “Tone from the Top” coming out of the government.  If you make the assumption … Continue reading

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The Countdown Continues… Again

President Obama signed a spending bill marking the first time an appropriations bill has been approved since… are you ready… 2009.  Yeah, that’s right, the government has been running on borrowed time since then.  They have been issuing continuing resolutions … Continue reading

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The Contractor’s Fight For Every Penny…

First, let me say that I am an optimist.  The glass is usually half-full for me and I don’t tend to frown much.  Life is normally a “box of chocolates” and sunshine for me.  That being said, there is a … Continue reading

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