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MATOCs – know them and love (?) them

The government certainly likes acronyms.  Have you ever taken a look around to see what is out there? Google “federal government acronyms” = 2,870,000 The first couple results can be staggering.  www.usa.gov provides the Reference Center and General Government including … Continue reading

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Good News for Navigating Government Contracting – Small Businesses

Dealing with the government is not something most business people put high on their lists of things they enjoy. But there’s a reason that small business owners are willing to put so much into learning the inner workings of the … Continue reading

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Another Depressing Post About the GC Landscape – Small Businesses

I am not telling you anything new when I say that competition has always been tough when it comes to winning government contracts, but the competition will be even tougher in 2012!  Let’s take a look at what the new … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays – the New Year Approacheth

Incurred Cost submission time is fast approaching (as well as some much needed down time for many government contractors).  On the other side of the new year is the great unknown, the void of time in man a compliance and … Continue reading

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It is a Good Time to be a Green Contractor

Energy, the lack of energy, and the ways to produce it and maintain it for the future has really taken on an increasing role in the “Tone from the Top” coming out of the government.  If you make the assumption … Continue reading

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FAR Updated – Small Businesses Get Good News

11/02/2011 – The Federal Acquisition Regulation was revised with 10 rules under FAC 2005-54.  There are three new or substantially revised contract clauses issued with the change as well as many contract clauses that are impacted (see below): FAR 52.203-16 (new … Continue reading

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Size Makes a Difference in Government Contracting – a BIG Difference

In 2007, the Small Business Administration began the process of reviewing and updating size standards based on industry-specific data. Before this, the last overall review of size standards occurred more than 25 years ago. Under provisions in the Small Business … Continue reading

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