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GAO Denies Protest of $3.01 and $2.55 Billion NASA Commercial Space Transportation Awards

The Comptroller General has denied Sierra Nevada Corporation’s protest of two contract awards for the development of commercial crew space transportation capability. The technical evaluation subfactor of the request for proposals included consideration of the offeror’s approach to obtaining government certification of its … Continue reading

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NASA Creates Checklist for Solicitations Requiring Certified Cost or Pricing Data

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is amending its acquisition regulations to add a proposal adequacy checklist. The NASA contracting officer will insert the checklist in solicitations that require the submission of certified cost or pricing data.  The new solicitation provision, … Continue reading

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GAO Sustains Protest of $1.76 Billion Contract Award to “Old” SAIC

A $1.76 billion contract award for medical, biomedical, and health services was improper because the awardee’s proposal and the evaluation did not reasonably reflect the manner in which the contract would be performed, the likely costs of performance, or the … Continue reading

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The Battle for Knowledge Leaders – STEM


The battleground has been laid out…  The confrontation is on the horizon…  The growing desire to be on top makes it all the more cutthroat… This could easily be a teaser from a big athletic event (originally I mentioned them … Continue reading

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PERSONAL Conflicts of Interest: A Rule You May Have Missed

As if corporate government contract compliance wasn’t difficult enough – security clearances, organizational conflicts of interest, post-government employment conflicts, corporate and agency non-disclosure agreements, cost accounting principles and standards… The list could go on for pages. Well, back in December, FAR … Continue reading

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Next-Gen Gov

Sometimes I wonder where the government is headed with acquisition and interaction with the public and contractors. I often look at the next generation (I am right on that cusp) and consider the possibilities. When most people think of the … Continue reading

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