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Staying Out of “The Washington Post”

The topic can be easily interchangeable with any newspaper title, but I know one of my former bosses used to always talk about bad publicity ending up in The Washington Post (assuming Congress and Contracting Officers read this publication on … Continue reading

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Working From Home Bad for Your Health?

Across the country and across the world, many people are being afforded the ability to work from home, at least on occasion.  Government employees are being given more and more flexibility along with their contractor counterparts.  The mobile environment provides … Continue reading

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FAR Updated – Small Businesses Get Good News

11/02/2011 – The Federal Acquisition Regulation was revised with 10 rules under FAC 2005-54.  There are three new or substantially revised contract clauses issued with the change as well as many contract clauses that are impacted (see below): FAR 52.203-16 (new … Continue reading

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Ethics vs. Compliance

Unfortunately enough, there is a BIG difference between ethics and compliance in many people’s minds.  I have had the opportunity to be in a company that was both compliant (to the letter of the law), but also unethical.  Seems strange that … Continue reading

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