DoD Issues Forward Pricing Rate Proposal Adequacy Checklist

A final rule issued by the Department of Defense amends the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement to provide guidance to contractors on submitting forward pricing rate proposals.

The DFARS Case 2012-D035 rule seeks to ensure that FPRPs are thorough, accurate, and complete.

Revised DFARS 215.403-5 directs contracting officers to obtain FPRP adequacy checklists from contractors when they submit their FPRPs.

DFARS 215.403-5 applies to contractors following the contract cost principles in FAR Subpart 31.2, Contracts With Commercial Organizations. It instructs administrative COs following the procedures in FAR 42.1701(b) to direct the contractor to comply with the submission items in the checklist to ensure the FPRP is submitted in an acceptable form in accordance with FAR15.403-5(b)(3).

Table 215.403-1—Contractor Forward Pricing Rate Proposal Adequacy Checklist contains 24 items.  It instructs the contractor to complete the checklist and either provide the location of requested information or explain why the requested information is not provided.

The form of the checklist can be found within the text of the rule.

The effective date of the rule is December 11, 2014.