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GAO Recommends DoD Release More Information on Specialty Metals Waivers

A report released by the Government Accountability Office (Specialty Metals: DOD Sissemination of National Security Waiver Information Could Enhance Awareness and Compliance with Restrictions. GAO-15-133, October 16) recommends that the Department of Defense disseminate non-sensitive information within DoD and its supplier-base on the … Continue reading

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DoD Holding Meeting on Counterfeit Electronic Parts Rule

The Department of Defense is hosting a public meeting to obtain the views of experts and interested parties in government and the private sector regarding further implementation of the requirement for detection and avoidance of counterfeit electronic parts. The meeting will … Continue reading

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The STEM Wilted Before it Had Time to Grow


As reported in TOMORROW’s edition of the Federal Register, the DoD will be cancelling the STEM proposed rule.  I had reported on this proposed rule  about a month ago.  Additionally, I have noted a trend throughout government to push STEM … Continue reading

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The Battle for Knowledge Leaders – STEM


The battleground has been laid out…  The confrontation is on the horizon…  The growing desire to be on top makes it all the more cutthroat… This could easily be a teaser from a big athletic event (originally I mentioned them … Continue reading

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Big Data – STEM – the Trends…

Big Data - Small World

I teach part-time at a community college.  As an accountant by training, I have always liked managerial accounting and the analytic nature of the numbers that can be created.  Applying logic and processes to data has stuck with me from … Continue reading

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Selected Costs Series, Part 3 (FAR 31.205-4 & 31.205-5)


This section of the series deals with two more “Selected Costs” from FAR 31.205.  The first is Bonding Costs, the second is [Reserved] but used to be Civil Defense Costs. Bonding Costs For as long as I can remember, I … Continue reading

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DoD Inviting Experts for Some Time Away from the Office


The DoD will be hosting a meeting on March 20, 2013 to discuss the National Defense Authorization Act of 2013 (NDAA), Section 804. Section 804 of the NDAA deals with profit guidelines in the DFARS.  The meeting is regarding potential … Continue reading

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