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GAO: DCAA Inconsistent in Implementing Internal Audit Report Requirements

According to a November 12, 2014, report issued by the Government Accountability Office, the Defense Contract Audit Agency revised its guidance in the Contract Audit Manual to address documentation requirements regarding the use of internal audit reports, as mandated by … Continue reading

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Northrop Grumman Settles Allegations It Improperly Charged Costs

The Justice Department announced this week that Northrop Grumman Corp. has paid the government $11.4 million to settle a claim for penalties provided under the Federal Acquisition Regulation and False Claims Act based on allegations the company failed to abide … Continue reading

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CAM is Guidance, FAR is Rule

DCAA CAM is guidance

As a former DCAA auditor, I am still stunned at the level of trepidation experienced by contractors when the terms “audit”, “DCAA“, or “compliance” are mentioned.  The most surprising to me is that one agency can strike such fear into … Continue reading

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FAR Cost Principles Series (Part 1, Total Cost)

HammerTotal Cost

As a former DCAA auditor, it was a primary goal for my position to find and report unallowable costs.  Recently, I have been hearing a lot more from the community in terms of making FAR 31.2 easier to understand.  So, … Continue reading

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Stories of a GovCon Professional – Part 1


If you are anything like me, a good anecdote can really get you thinking.  It is to this end that I present the following post and another to follow (potentially after the first of the year). I recently had someone … Continue reading

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Are You Tired of Hearing About ____ Yet?

I have always worried that I just pile on sometimes.  There are always hot topics in government contracting, politics (yikes!), and compliance.  Some stick around a little longer than it seems may be necessary (are we still talking about and … Continue reading

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DCAA Under Fire Again

As a former Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) auditor, I take interest in news stories and information coming out of that Agency.  The most recent news stories are beginning to hearken back to my days of being a new hire.  … Continue reading

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