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DFARS Rule Clarifies Allowability of Costs Related to Counterfeit Electronic Parts

The Department of Defense has finalized its proposed rule addressing the allowability of costs of counterfeit electronic parts or suspect counterfeit electronic parts and the cost of rework or corrective action. The final rule in DFARS Case 2016-D004 amends the … Continue reading

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Court’s Roadmap to Recovering Bid/Proposal Costs

One potential outcome of a successful protest before the Court of Federal Claims is an award of bid preparation and proposal costs. Such an award may be the only consolation if the CFC declines injunctive relief. This was the case … Continue reading

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GAO Sustains Protest of $1.76 Billion Contract Award to “Old” SAIC

A $1.76 billion contract award for medical, biomedical, and health services was improper because the awardee’s proposal and the evaluation did not reasonably reflect the manner in which the contract would be performed, the likely costs of performance, or the … Continue reading

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FAR Cost Principles Series (Part 2, Allowability, Reasonableness, and Allocability)


As a former DCAA auditor, it was a primary goal for my position to find and report unallowable costs.  Recently, I have been hearing a lot more from the community in terms of making FAR 31.2 easier to understand.  This is pat 2 … Continue reading

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Requests for Information

Cost cutting with clipping path

As promised, I wanted to take a second to talk about Requests for Information (RFI) from the government.  In an effort to curb spending, the government may begin to use these gems a little more. Normally, an RFI solicits input … Continue reading

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Stories of a GovCon Professional – Part 2 (fin)


I have already told you of the bad experience with the newly-established US office of a foreign company to make stuff for the government. Now let me continue on with the newly-established DC area office of the US company to … Continue reading

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LPTA Not Necessarily Best Value

Think of your local discount outlet store or major retail chain that offers “lowest price” merchandise. There are certain things that you probably purchase there that make a lot of sense. I can think of a few that get on … Continue reading

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