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Starting the Government Contracts Marathon…

In case you are not a member of NCMA or did not see the posts I had made to the Linked In groups before, I wanted to highlight a portion of the e-Newsletter sent out yesterday by NCMA.  The whitepaper … Continue reading

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Are You Tired of Hearing About ____ Yet?

I have always worried that I just pile on sometimes.  There are always hot topics in government contracting, politics (yikes!), and compliance.  Some stick around a little longer than it seems may be necessary (are we still talking about and … Continue reading

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5 Things You Need to Know About the DFARS Business System Rule

As noted in a post last year, contractor business systems rules have changed in the DFARS and are now in effect.  Under the new rules, the government can withhold 5 percent of a contractor’s payment if any of the company’s business … Continue reading

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The Business System Rule

Allow me to play a little devil’s advocate here.  I have seen a lot of action on the contractor side as many companies scramble to either put in place or guard against what they think is going to happen from … Continue reading

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