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GAO Report Seeks Improvement in DoD Major System Acquisitions

A report issued by the Government Accountability Office, Joint Action Needed by DOD and Congress to Improve Outcomes, examines the acquisition of major defense systems and makes recommendations for improving the procurement processes of these systems. The report discusses: the … Continue reading

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Almost Big Brother, Almost…


I came across an article in Government Executive that made me smile for a minute.  While government contractors wonder about spending cuts and contract stoppage, Congress continues to fight the debt battle.  A recent bill (HR 325) aims to extend … Continue reading

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Government Going “Old School”


Back to basics has been a little mantra of mine recently.  I have noticed more and more variations on a theme that really have seemed to complicate what would otherwise be straight-forward business concerns.  Over-complicated solutions to Business 101 concepts tends … Continue reading

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The Sequester Train Has a Schedule to Keep

Buried in a stack of electronic links on the OMB webpage is a report issued on 9/14/2012 (7 days after the administration’s due date) concerning the sequestration “crisis/issue/thing” looming for 2013. Over a mere 158 pages, OMB attempts to provide … Continue reading

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Sequester in Brief

I was asked to prepare some information for budgeting for next year and realized that I hadn’t spent nearly enough time getting to know sequestration.  I basically knew that they keep jurors from talking to the public and viewing media … Continue reading

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Election Year Implications – Probably Minimal

Federal contractors tend to get nervous every four years.  Potential new administration = potential shifting priorities.  There is always a lot of talk surrounding “what if” one or the other candidate takes or retains office.  However, historically, there is little … Continue reading

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