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Gov Cannot Sell to Upside-Down Corporation?


In the most recent FAC 2005-65, a FAR rule was issued as final related to so-called “inverted domestic corporations.”  My first thought was perhaps this upside-down companies were like home owners that are upside-down in their mortgage.  This made me … Continue reading

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Requests for Information

Cost cutting with clipping path

As promised, I wanted to take a second to talk about Requests for Information (RFI) from the government.  In an effort to curb spending, the government may begin to use these gems a little more. Normally, an RFI solicits input … Continue reading

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Government Going “Old School”


Back to basics has been a little mantra of mine recently.  I have noticed more and more variations on a theme that really have seemed to complicate what would otherwise be straight-forward business concerns.  Over-complicated solutions to Business 101 concepts tends … Continue reading

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Starting the Government Contracts Marathon…

In case you are not a member of NCMA or did not see the posts I had made to the Linked In groups before, I wanted to highlight a portion of the e-Newsletter sent out yesterday by NCMA.  The whitepaper … Continue reading

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NCMA GCMC 2012 Morning General Sessions


I have been a part of government contracting in one way or another for my entire career spanning over 12 years at this point (still “young” by many contractor or agency standards). For the past year and a half I … Continue reading

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WOSBs – 8(m) is not 8(a)

One of the set-aside categories recognized on FedBizOpps is the 8(a) small business.  Ask anyone in federal government what categories exist for set asides and this will come to front of mind very quickly.  However, ask that same person what … Continue reading

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The Sequester Train Has a Schedule to Keep

Buried in a stack of electronic links on the OMB webpage is a report issued on 9/14/2012 (7 days after the administration’s due date) concerning the sequestration “crisis/issue/thing” looming for 2013. Over a mere 158 pages, OMB attempts to provide … Continue reading

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