SAM Delayed a Little…

I have reported here and here about the System for Acquisition Management that will replace/consolidate a lot of your Government Contracting bookmarks into a single link:  Well, there has been a slight delay in getting the site up and running and the site is now proclaiming a “late July” launch for Phase 1 – this includes CCR, ORCA, EPLS, and FedReg.

My question is how much of an overrun this has created in the contract that underlies this project?  I am sure the whole process will be more efficient and effective in getting the acquisition process under control, but, as a taxpayer, I have to make sure to ask myself this question.  Maybe not much, but at least the schedule slipped a little and there is a cost associated with that to be sure.

How do you manage your projects?  Is there a tool, spreadsheet, whiteboard?  I am always interested to hear back.  What would make your tool better?

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With 13 years of government contract administration, analysis, finance, and audit experience, I have established a firm baseline in ethics and a specialization in government contracts that has prepared me to become a subject matter expert in my field. I am currently working on enhancing government contracts management and compliance through workflow tools and product offerings - attempting to make the process proactive as opposed to reactive.
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