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Sometimes I wonder where the government is headed with acquisition and interaction with the public and contractors. I often look at the next generation (I am right on that cusp) and consider the possibilities.
When most people think of the younger America, you can hear things like “gamer” “lazy” “disconnected”. I tend to disagree, but mainly with the disconnected part. They are more connected than ever, but ask them to carry on a conversation and all bets are off unless you “txt” it to them. As usual, I digress…
I like games. I grew up playing them and I am still a big geek when it comes to games. I am not hardcore, but I dabble. So, when I heard that NASA recently posted a game on facebook… See where we are headed?

What if the next time you log in to you are transported into a virtual acquisition playground? You are up for presenting your proposal virtually to the folks in DC, but that isn’t for another 15 min. Well, most people would stress over the details and go over it “one more time.” Usually though, you will find me playing Angry Birds, or some other mindless game while waiting. Welcome to the ever-active mind (some call it ADD) of a mid-30s and below professional. So, instead, while you wait for your virtual presentation, you play a round of virtual golf in an agency-themed course or maybe a virtual wargame while you wait for the DOD contracting officer…

I wrote this blog on my Blackberry.

About Marty Herbert

With 13 years of government contract administration, analysis, finance, and audit experience, I have established a firm baseline in ethics and a specialization in government contracts that has prepared me to become a subject matter expert in my field. I am currently working on enhancing government contracts management and compliance through workflow tools and product offerings - attempting to make the process proactive as opposed to reactive.
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