Government May Not Need Wiretapping

By looking back through relatively recent decisions, I found a Court of Federal Claims decision to dismiss a psychic’s claim of $50 million.  Yes, that said “psychic.”  Yes, that said “$50 million.”  I am not sure which part shocks me the most.

I know I heard rumors of Nancy Reagan seeking astrological insight, but the government turning to psychics?  Then again, maybe that isn’t hard to believe given our interrogation techniques in the past.  Apparently, Mr. Bussie was providing psychic premonitions to government officials (including Bush, Obama, and Palin named in the suit) on al-Qaeda and terrorist targets of interest.  The problem is that he never had a contract – written or verbal, in-fact or implied – for $50, let alone $50million!

The legal decision goes on and on about the reasons why the case was thrown out, but is rather short.  How could it not be short given the simple facts above?  Besides, shouldn’t he have known he wasn’t going to win?

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