Government Innovation… Coming to a Store Near You

Obama administration to boost tech transfers – Fedline – The Federal Times Blog – federal news, government operations, agency management, pay & benefits.

So, it seems as if the government would like to give us, the taxpayers, some of the innovation we have paid for through our tax dollars.  Can you imagine the possibilities?  Maybe we will finally get that flying car we always saw on the Jetsons.  Maybe we can finally commercially develop a transporter.  Perhaps someone in the numerous agency hallways throughout the country has discovered a way to let your computer read your thoughts and in a few years I won’t have to worry about carpal tunnel because I will just have to think about this blog and it will type what I think (I am reminded of the early commercials for voice recognition software “I talk. It types” could be replaced with “I think.  It types”

According to the article, 4,422 new inventions had been made in 2009.  It raises the question about what they could be and it appears that the administration has decided it could be a good time to divulge that information to the public.  This is certainly something I would love to see.  I have blogged in the past about the jobs issue, innovation, and the like, but this seemingly helps to solve some of those issues.  One of those golden nuggets of innovation could be sitting on a shelf in the caverns of the DOE that could revolutionize energy and create thousands of jobs for an upstart company.

What would you like to see?  Invisibility cloak like Harry Potter?  Flying car?  Limitless energy?  Maybe the invention of paperless money?  Artificial intelligence that does more than beat a human opponent at chess?

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