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The STEM Wilted Before it Had Time to Grow


As reported in TOMORROW’s edition of the Federal Register, the DoD will be cancelling the STEM proposed rule.  I had reported on this proposed rule  about a month ago.  Additionally, I have noted a trend throughout government to push STEM … Continue reading

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The Battle for Knowledge Leaders – STEM


The battleground has been laid out…  The confrontation is on the horizon…  The growing desire to be on top makes it all the more cutthroat… This could easily be a teaser from a big athletic event (originally I mentioned them … Continue reading

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2 Interesting Recent GovCon Items


First, I think it is hard to follow up the DFARS Proposal Adequacy Checklist post, but fortunately, the FAR Cost series posted on Tuesday and gave me some time to figure out an encore. I have been listening, carefully, to … Continue reading

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Big Data – STEM – the Trends…

Big Data - Small World

I teach part-time at a community college.  As an accountant by training, I have always liked managerial accounting and the analytic nature of the numbers that can be created.  Applying logic and processes to data has stuck with me from … Continue reading

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Why I Need an iPhone for Work – Cursory Product Review

I have been driving my social media presence lately to try to do as much as I can to advance the government contracting mentality to one of proactive versus reactive responses. As my tweets circulate and my blog posts get … Continue reading

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Selected Costs Series, Part 4-1 (FAR 31.205-6)


Compensation for Personal Services After some relatively light discussions around FAR unallowable costs, the FAR turns to Compensation for Personal Services (FAR 31.205-6).  This section goes on, seemingly forever and is the bane of many contractor’s existence. This section covers … Continue reading

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Protester Deprived… Gov’t Strikes Out


I admit I try to word the title to spark some interest.  It is Government Contracting and I admit it can be boring at times.  I borrowed this title from part of the Net News article it comes from.  I … Continue reading

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