“Big Brother” May Get a Taste of its Own Medicine (from Google)

Everyone that uses any Google product should know by now that the company recently updated its Privacy Policy so that it can use the data accumulated across its many sites to better direct advertisements (revenue opportunities).  That being said, some of you may or may not know that one of the products offered by Google is GAFG (Google Apps for Government).  So, the question then arises how the privacy policy relates to these apps.

In a blog entry by SafeGov.org, the group questions whether or not the change applies to government users.  Google maintains that a contract with a government entity would supersede the data use portion of the privacy policy, but according to the article by SafeGov, “it now appears that Google’s assertion that its government contracts ‘supersede’ the privacy policy may not entirely accord with the facts.”

What this means is that Google can now mine personal data and government data that runs through its system.  Now, whether or not they ARE doing this remains to be seen, but it certainly rings true “let the buyer beware.”  As the blog entry mentions, perhaps the government should review its contracts more carefully in relation to the usage of data being run through the systems being contracted for and used.

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